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In 2015, a few like-minded individuals with a long history of nonprofit involvement on the coast had an idea to accomplish one major goal: raise money for local nonprofits. the Mavericks Community Foundation serves as a catalyst for local giving by bringing awareness to the nonprofits in our community. We fulfill our mission by facilitating fundraisers, capacity-building seminars, and events to encourage community development. We are dedicated to improving the lives of those on the San Mateo County Coast.

"Coastside Gives provides a fantastic opportunity for Coastside residents to not only learn more about the various non-profits on the Coast, but to join together in support of them and all the fabulous work that they do."


- Robin, Compass

Our Mission

Mavericks Community Foundation engages the community, develops partnerships, and inspires giving to make a positive, lasting impact on the
San Mateo County Coast.

Our Mission

Our Board

 Who is Mavericks Community Foundation?

We're a dedicated group of Coastside volunteers who are  passionate about our community.

Black Lives Matter

We have all seen the turmoil, the angst, and the pain that has enveloped our country. A life was ended in a horrible way. The death of George Floyd was a tipping point for our nation.  Sadly, we have not lived up to the guiding principles of this country and people of color are not equally supported in our country's institutions. Systemic racism is embedded in the criminal justice system, employment, education, housing, and health care.

Let us be the community that values equity, inclusion, and representation. We all have a collective responsibility to people of color in our communities to ensure our institutions serve everyone's needs without the adversity of racism.

Our mission states “We encourage community engagement, support, and collaboration”. 

As your local community foundation, we feel the need to take action. Will you join us? We are reaching out to all of our Coastside nonprofits who have information and resources to help us become a better community.


We Need Your Support Today!

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